Morgan Gallant

Engineering Student & Programmer

Hey, my name is Morgan. I currently attend the University of Waterloo for a degree in Computer Engineering. I have been an avid programmer for the last six years, building several open source projects on top of some pretty cool industry experience. In general, I would describe myself is a generalist who excels at applying a wide variety of languages and tools to solve the problem at hand.

The best part about my university program is co-op, since I have five four-month internships throughout the duration of the degree. The great thing about this is that it allows me to explore a wide variety of employment options, from startups to larger companies, helping to prepare me better for graduation. My first co-op placement was with Kuna Systems, a startup using computer vision to automate home security through their doorbell and outdoor video camera units.

I am currently searching for a co-op placement for the fall of 2019. If you want to chat, please feel free to send me an email.