Hey, I'm Morgan!

I'm a programmer interested in startups, and systems / infrastructural engineering. I mostly work on large backend web-based systems, like this website. One binary powers the majority of my digital life, including multiple websites, services and scheduled jobs. The monolithic nature of my codebase means that the development process can be streamlined to perfection. A single commit to master automatically builds, deploys and auto-scales the new code, along with doing any db migrations etc.

I am currently looking for summer 2020 internships. Here is my resume.


I think it is reasonable to say that I live two lives. By day, I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, located in ON, Canada. I go to classes, study, and enjoy learning about the intersection between hardware and software in computer systems. By night, I'm a programmer working on InternWorks, the all-in-one platform for finding an internship in tech. I don't really have a sleep schedule, and 8:30 classes are always difficult. That being said, early morning SpaceX launches are never a problem.

As per the non-nerd stuff, I like movies, music and reading (mostly non-fiction and science fiction). I like to think that I go to the gym, but I've been averaging a gym run once every month recently, so perhaps not really a gym guy.

Previous Employment

I worked for Kuna (San Bruno, California; YC W14) in the winter and fall of 2019, building smart home tech like a video doorbell. In my first term with the company, I built and deployed embedded object detection models onto our newer devices. This allowed us to differentiate between relevant (person or moving car) and non-relevant (ex. moving bushes) motion events, resulting in greatly improved notifications for users and reduced costs. In my next term, I wrote and architected an end-to-end ultra low latency video streaming system from scratch to replace our existing solution. The new system cost significantly less, supported automatic scaling, and supported 1:N video and audio streaming, in addition to N:1 audio intercom streaming.

Before experiencing the world of Silicon Valley, I worked in the summers for the Big Data Analytics and Management Lab, located at Queen's University, in ON, Canada. In this role, I primarily researched word semantic modelling to improve database query systems, and was the primary author of a paper published in IEEE Compsac 2019. For some reason, the university gave me access to all the canadian supercomputer clusters to assist with my research. I had a lot of fun with these.

Links to Stuff

My email is [email protected] and that's probably the best way to get a hold of me. My twitter is @morgallant and I spend a little too much time on there. I have my open source projects on my github, though most of my recent work is hosted using google cloud source repositories (they have a nicer color scheme, don't @ me).