I'm an engineering co-op student.

I currently attend the University of Waterloo for a degree in computer engineering. My first co-op was with Kuna Systems, a home security startup located in San Bruno, California.


I'm an open source contributor.

I've built a number of open source libraries and projects. Currently, I'm working on a library for the Rust programming language to easily interface with the Twitter developer API.

Open Source

I like to make things.

I recently incorporated my first startup, Nameless Group. We are a team of engineers building cool things that we think the world needs. Each project we do can be thought of as a 'mini-startup', with founders that are slowly getting better and better with each new project.


I've been lucky to have had some amazing experiences over the past number of years.

Kuna Systems

Engineering Intern

Winter 2019 - San Bruno, California

In this role, I had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing close-knit team to develop the on-device AI systems for our next-generation duel-camera doorbell. We were able to get real-time object detection and localization working on a resource constrained processor, which enabled selective motion detection for our users. It also enabled us to lessen our dependency on expensive cloud-based GPU servers.

Queen's University

Summer Researcher

Summer 2018 - Ontario, Canada

I had the privilege of working with the Big Data Analytics & Management Laboratory within the Queen's School of Computing. I was initially given a set of user queries and asked to manually augment them to yield more accurate database query results. Instead, I developed an automated solution using word embedding models, trained on the entire Wikipedia corpus of text. Not only was my supervisor very pleased, but I was given the lead authorship on a research paper detailing the technique.

Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2017 - Ontario, Canada

As an intern in the Queen's School of Computing, I developed a number of static faculty webpages, alongside a department wide social network implemented in vanilla JavaScript. This network is used internally to coordinate events, display new posts and information regarding the department, and to allow students to view professors research interests and contact information.

I'm currently looking for a co-op placement for the fall of 2019.

If you are hiring, please get in touch!