Morgan Gallant 🙇🏻

Waterloo, Canada |


An experienced programmer coffee-drinker with a drive to succeed.


- Go, C++, C, Rust, Swift, Java, Python, CUDA, VHDL

- MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REST, gRPC

- CMake, Make, Linux, Git, Bash

- Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean


Kuna Systems

Engineering Intern - Winter 2019

My first co-op placement was with an intelligent home security company named Kuna Systems, as an engineering intern. During this time, I had the unique opportunity to work on the on-device object detection and motion sensing features on Kuna's latest product, the Duel-Cam Video Doorbell. In this space, detection accuracy and runtime speed was business critical.

Queen's University - Big Data Analytics & Management Lab

Researcher - Summer 2018

I spent the summer of 2018 researching techniques to improve the accuracy of database retrival systems, particularly those who manage a corpus of webpages. I ended up building Xu and publishing the work.

Software Engineering Intern - Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017, I worked for the School of Computing to develop faculty webpages, both for individual professors and the lab. One of these webpages was a social network in vanilla JavaScript, using a firebase backend. Following this internship, I was asked to return for the summer of 2018, where I took a research role in the lab.



A Great Never Ending System

Inspired by the marvel franchise, I set out to automate a lot of the repetitive parts of my daily life. Whenever I need something, I can simply create a feature for Agnes and be done with it forever. I have some pretty grand plans for Agnes, but even right now, Agnes is pretty full featured. In fact, Agnes manages the website you're reading right now. You can learn more on the Agnes homepage.


An Automated Query Expansion and Optimization Tool

Xu is the accompanying source code to a paper I wrote in high school, which was recently published in IEEE COMPSAC 2019. The research focused on using word embedding models to model the semantic similarities between words in a large corpus. The trained model was then applied to improve information retrieval from database systems. You can see the source code here.


Xu: An Automated Query Expansion and Optimization Tool

Summer 2018

Published in IEEE COMPSAC 2019. Click here to learn more.